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July's Spotlight Winner

Wards Berry Farm

Find out why we ranked Wards as our Spotlight feature! We visited them in person...

Wards Berry Farm

Sharon, MA

Ward's Berry Farm is a family farm located
in Sharon, MA. Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982, offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies...

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669,224 small businesses in 2019;

According to US small business administration, these mom & pops make up 99.5% of all Massachusetts businesses.

See more stats here.


Our small businesses work hard to serve us and we'd like to give them the recognition they deserve! As such, we are featuring a few select businesses every month in our Spotlight articles.

If you have a business in mind and feel they deserve more love, let us know! "Like" and leave a review on the business' Explore page and nominate them by clicking below for them to be considered for our next Spotlight feature!

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As a Massachusetts-based company, Mapvil is initially set up to promote small businesses within the state. However, we are a small dedicated team with big aspirations to rapidly expand to other states in the very near future.


Our team strives to have personal relationships with all our vendors. As such, if you are a business in a market not yet covered, please contact us to help gage interest and be the first to list when we expand. We will be prioritizing our expansion based on user interest so your feedback is key. Start by clicking the button below.


Our hope is to culminate a comprehensive array of "mom & pop" shops on our site to help give them as much exposure and support as possible. 


We know we don't have all the answers (yet), which is why we need your help! Tell us who you'd like to see featured on our site- whether it's your own business or one you'd love to support- we'll do our best to reach out and include them on our site!

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