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Ward's Berry Farm

- July's Spotlight Feature -

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History & Vision

Bob Ward

Co-Founder and Owner 

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"Ward's Berry Farm is a family farm located in Sharon, MA. Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982, offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies. Their mother, Ann uses family favorite recipes to create her famous fruit jams and jellies, as well as the fresh cookiesmuffinsbreads and pies sold in the store."

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Our Experience & Takeaways

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Having heard so much about the famous Ward's Berry Farm (and really craving for some fresh blueberries), we visited the farm in mid-June to check it out for ourselves. Our experience was, in a word-- AMAZING!


Here's a few things that stood out to us:

  • Upon arrival, there were many signs to help direct us to the store and Pick Your Own (PYO) tent

  • All employees wore masks, gloves, and were beyond friendly

  • There were a number of social distancing signs, sanitation stations, and floor markings 6 ft apart to help aid customers standing in line

  • Rules were very clearly laid out online and reiterated in-person

  • Playground for young children and plentiful outdoor seating for adults to rest & eat

  • Sandwiches were delicious and the ice-cream blended smoothies were perfect for a hot summer day

    • We ordered the Italian Sub, Turkey Avocado Bacon Sub, Tropical Cooler and Blue Barracuda smoothies

  • The store had a nice selection of fresh produce and baked goods

  • Online Order pick-up options were also available


  • Wear sunscreen and/or a hat - the sun's rays can be quite harsh after prolonged exposure in the PYO fields

    • If you forgot, don't worry, they have sunscreen for sale on site​

  • Bring water and stay hydrated!

  • Check to see what's in season on their website before choosing what berries to pick (i.e. it was perfect timing for blueberries when we went, but strawberries were just in the process of being phased out so pickings were slim)

  • Start from the farthest corners of the fields and work your way back 

  • TRY THEIR SCONES AND COOKIES (we love their blueberry scones and "half-moon" cookies)

Ward's Berry farm is a fantastic place for a family outing or a cute summer date. While the price of PYO and some of the produce was higher than expected, in our opinion, the experience and quality of produce was well worth it. Example: PYO blueberries was slightly pricier, however, you get A) a fun, interactive experience and B) the berries were literally all hand-selected and as a result, BIG (unlike the grocery store packed blueberries where you inevitably get a handful of small sour ones in the batch).The food and atmosphere were only made better by the extremely friendly staff. We appreciated that safety protocols were strictly enforced both in public spaces as well as on the fields in an effort to keep everyone safe. 

Like what you read? Check out Ward's Berry Farm's Expore page to learn more!



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