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KOKO Bakery

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232L California St. Newton, MA

(617) 483-5803

​✓ Japanese Baked Specialties
✓ Breads
​✓ Pastries
✓ Sandwiches

"KOKO Bakery is a local small artisan bakery focused on quality, not quantity."

About Us

We provide hand made breads, pastries and sandwiches -- always fresh. Most of our French and German style breads use levain: a way of fermenting the bread dough. The ingredients are simple (flour, water, levain and salt), the process is complex. Some breads take over 40 hours from beginning to end. We spare no effort in making the finest breads and pastries possible. Nobuko Maruyama, KOKO’s founder and owner loves bread, especially French baguette. After five years formal training at a popular chain bakery in Japan, she realized baking was her passion but had doubts about the mass production process. She moved to Boston where she worked in respected bakeries around the city. After formal training in Salisbury and Vermont, she was now ready to open her own bakery. Guaranteed fresh, KoKo’s products span the bakery spectrum — from premium French croissant to German rye — from red bean buns to blueberry scones.  

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