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Koshari Mama

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Bow Market Way, Somerville, MA

(866) 567-4274

✓ Uber Eats
​✓ Grub Hub
✓ Takeout
✓ Dine-in at Bow Market

"Egypt's favorite street food, a full meal in a dish!"

About Us

We are a mother and daughter team and we love to cook! Coming from an Egyptian family, food was always shared with friends and neighbors. We believe food tells a story and connects people and this is why we created Koshari Mama. We wanted to tell our story through food by cooking some of our favorite Egyptian street food. Our main dish Koshari, is Egypt's national dish. A hearty layered dish made from lentils and rice and topped with crunchy fried onions with a choice of our many in-house sauces. We also offer other Egyptian favorites from Cairo's vibrant street culture. We prepare our food simply and honestly, bringing out the best flavors from the ingredients. We are vegan focused and we use fresh local ingredients whenever possible. We want our guests to feel welcomed and part of the Koshari Mama family.

Covid Struggle:
We had to cut down our workforce due to less traffic.

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