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Manoa Poke

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300 Beacon St, Somerville, MA

(617) 945-1042

✓ Takeout
✓ Catering (Available everyday!)
✓ Merchandise

"Come hungry, leave family"

About Us

Inspired by the superettes, drive-ins, and community potlucks of Hawai’i, Manoa is bringing a taste of the Pacific to Somerville and Cambridge. Manoa celebrates the places and people that sustain us, and serve our community with a spirit of Aloha by staying true to their island roots through their food and dedication to hospitality.

Manoa began as a pop-up in 2016 and still keeps its mobile roots today. They continue to focus on catering and events at partners such as Lamplighter Brewing and Bantam Cider Co. during the weekdays while opening the shop on weekends.

They are dedication to sustainable sourcing (all their fish is caught locally) and giving back to the community.

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