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Mei Mei

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506 Park Dr, Boston, MA

(857) 250-4959

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"Mei Mei comes from a long family tradition of loving food"

About Us

We are a sibling-founded restaurant and food truck catering business serving up creative Chinese-American cuisine made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. We pride ourselves on serving humanely raised meat, produce from small farms, and some of the most creatively delicious Asian American food out there.

At Mei Mei, we’re on a mission to provide not only great food and wonderful service, but also a thoughtfully crafted dining experience that seeks to address the complicated ethics that surround restaurant food and restaurant work. Restaurants can reflect the problems of the world we live in, but they can also be engines for change. We are an Open Book Management* company that invests in and empowers our team members. We want to be a good restaurant - in all senses of the word.

We will always serve meat that is pasture-raised and humanely slaughtered, sourced from the Northeast...

We emphasize working with small, independent family farms and producers and are able to source about 70% our produce from the Northeast across the year...

We strive to source our ‘workhorse ingredients’ with the same care that many restaurants reserve for produce. At Mei Mei, you’ll find carefully selected cage-free eggs, whole grains and freshly milled flours, organic tofu, small batch soy sauce, maple syrup and honey, and lots and lots of cheese all from the Northeast.

Covid Struggle:
I laid off 60% of our team at the end of June. This included five full-time and nine part-time employees. It has taken me a month to feel ready to share this news -- I regret the delay. Never in my worst nightmares did I imagine this scenario for our company, but after three months of remote work, experimentation, and pivoting to find safe revenue streams, I took a big step back. Indoor dining was resuming in Massachusetts without adequate or uniform precautions. The PPP money was gone. Still no vaccine on the horizon. I decided that we could no longer try to return to “normal,” and that meant drastically restructuring the staff.

Our remaining team is working hard to plan our next steps. Even with drastically reduced sales and a decimated catering forecast -- catering that previously accounted for 1/3 of our annual revenue -- we are not reopening the dining room any earlier than 2021, if at all. If you’re in a position to keep supporting us, you can order takeout, join us for a virtual cooking class, and stay in touch on social media. I'm excited to show you what's next. We truly appreciate you as our guests even though we aren't welcoming you into the restaurant. Over the last months, your kind words, donations to the Unsung Restaurants campaign and Project Restore Us, and enthusiasm for all our efforts has helped us keep going.

This is an excerpt written by Irene Li- read more on Mei Mei's blog.

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