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Momo Palace

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160 Green St, Worcester, MA

(508) 410-0216

​✓ Steamed & Fried Momo
✓ Jhol Momo (Soupy)
​✓ Thukpa (Noodle Soup)
✓ Online Ordering

"A Taste of Nepal"

About Us

Momo Palace LLC is a family-owned business founded in December 2019 with the intention to bring the taste of authentic Nepali cuisine to our lovely community. We have created our ingredients keeping the Nepali authenticity and the demand of our community in mind to bring the taste our customers have loved. We serve a variety of Nepali style Momo (aka dumpling)
with our signature sauce, Thukpa (Himalayan Noodle Soup), Chicken Lollipop, Tornado fries, and Chillimonade (our signature drink). We intend to bring additional taste from the heart of the Himalayas in the near future.

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