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2259 Mass Avenue Cambridge, MA

(857) 242-4188

​✓ Pickup & Takeout
✓ Plant Based Dinners
​✓ Superfood Blends
✓ Desserts​
✓ Gifts

"Eat what's best for your body and love every bite"

About Us

At Nüssli118°, we make it easy to eat what's best for your body while loving every bite.  We are a small team of food enthusiasts creating and selling healthy drinks, meals, snacks, and desserts.  Our products are simply prepared with the best organic raw sprouted nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. We promise healthy never tasted so good! All our ingredients are sourced for taste and freshness, nutritional value, and environmental and community stewardship.  We carefully prepare each product for taste, texture, and consistency.  We do not use cheap fillers subsidized by government to increase our bottom line – no brown rice syrup, evaporated cane sugar, wheat, corn, rice, potato flour, and the list goes on.  We use whole organic ingredients minimally processed and creatively combined resulting in amazing tasting nutrient-dense snacks and treats.

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