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Neighborhood Kitchen

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84 Spring St, Medford, MA

(781) 391-9000

✓ Takeout
✓ Catering

"A Neighborhood Institution"

About Us

The idea for this restaurant started in our kitchen, expanded into the kitchens of our catering clients, and we are ecstatic to have a local gathering place for our friends and neighbors.

Partners Joy Phoubaykham and Eddie George (a.k.a. Chef Flexx) created Medford restaurant Neighborhood Kitchen as a reflection of what Phoubaykham calls “a melting-pot family”. The dishes at Neighborhood Kitchen bring Laotian and Haitian flavors to classic American comfort foods.

Since Day 1, the owners and staff at NK have been incredibly grateful for the people and organizations supporting it's mission in feeding and nurturing both a physical and cultural community of love, acceptance, and growth. We try and serve our community in various ways. We employ local staff and source goods from minority-owned businesses. When COVID-19 caused school's to close the staff at NK decided to provide lunches to food insecure children at no cost and provided food to nurses and medical staff. We are humbled by the feedback from our guests and reviewers. In addition, the community continues to show it's love to this black-owned restaurant. This is a testament to the inspiring things that come from working together.

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