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Romeo's Smoothies and Juices

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62 Wharf Street, Salem, MA

(978) 414-5675

​✓ Juices
✓ Smoothies
​✓ Wellness Shots
✓ Cleanses​
✓ Pre-made kits

"It is time to feel good from the inside out"

About Us

Jesenia’s health journey started in 2010. Living on her own with her 3 year old son at the time, she looked for better alternatives to improve her life, which would spill over into her young son, Romeo. Guided by her desire to provide her son with a healthier and strong foundation, Jesenia started to explore healthier ways to improve their lives. She started juicing and it quickly becoming a routine and a part of their lifestyle. “My body responded to my new habits that soon my migraines disappeared, I lost weight and the best win for me was mental clarity. I wasn’t even aware of the constant fog I was used to experiencing because of the food I was consuming. It was limiting the growth of my mind and spirit!” Fresh whole foods enlightened and guided Jesenia to the lifestyle that inspired her to open Romeo’s Smoothies & Juices! At Romeo’s we want to give our customers the space to make healthier choices when out. Most of all, we want to expand people’s healthy lifestyle, prove that actively working on your health, your mind and body provides a vibrant life!

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