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Twelve Hours

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559 Washington St. Brighton, MA

(617) 202-5108

​✓ Noodles
✓ Fried Rice
​✓ Uber Eats
✓ GrubHub

"We are Asian Fusion Noodle, stir-fried rice, and grill Cafe"

About Us

Twelve Hours Boston is an Asian Fusion restaurant located in Brighton. Their menu combines elements of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cooking styles and flavors to create delicious noodle, fried rice, and grilled dishes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Twelve Hours has been hosting a weekly “Food for Free” booth outside their restaurant for anyone in the community to pick up a prepared meal. Their mission to help their community during the outbreaks has been very successful, as they share hundreds of free meals weekly.

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