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Villa Mexico Cafe

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121 Water St, Boston, MA

(617) 957-0725

​✓ Dine-in
✓ Take-out
​✓ Curbside pickup
✓ No contact delivery

Voted "Best Burrito in Boston!"

About Us

We started 20 years ago. We prepare AUTHENTIC MEXICAN CUISINE. Our restaurant is well known as THE BEST BURRITOS IN BOSTON, and also for OUR HOMEMADE SALSA which is very versatile and we ship it all over the US. Our signature Burrito is the MOLE POBLANO SPICY WITH SOUR CREAM. We also offer homemade chicken, beef, pork, mole poblano and rajas con queso (pepper and cheese) tamales, homemade chorizo, and more.

All our food is homemade, we use the best fresh, and high quality ingredients. We do not use can products, chicken, beef or any other kind of bullion and all our recipes are authentic (our chorizo, mole poblano, carnitas, etc). Friday is our "specialty day" (we prepare a dish that is not included in our menu). We have TACO TUESDAY (3 tacos same meat, side of guacamole, sour cream and our homemade salsa), BURRITO THURSDAY (Burrito with the works and a free fresh fruit juice) COOKIE FRIDAY (Free cookies for everybody). We handle FRESH FRUIT JUICES everyday. We serve AUTHENTIC MEXICAN DESSERTS as our 3 Leches cake, flan, churros, Mexican hot or cold chocolate, etc.

We have take out, deliveries and curbside pick up. We have a patio, we have 5 tables to seat 4 people in each and as a restaurant, we take the most strict steps in following all the government regulations and procedures. Our employees are well trained under these rules, providing them and our customers the necessary PPE products for our own and our customers protection.

Covid Struggle:
Our business dropped it sales in an 80%. We are working extremely hard in picking up the business again because basically we lose a good amount of our regular catering and event business. We are located at the Financial District in Boston and unfortunately a good amount of customers (basically companies) are still "working from home".

All our produce, meats, ingredients are increasing day a day, and our financial demand is highly everyday. We have been surviving from our loyalty customers, their support have been very valuable for us. We got few loans and grants, but unfortunately has not been enough. I started my business more than twenty years ago, being a sole proprietor.

Never sold alcohol, never have any kind of "partnerships", etc. and it has been so hard to grow our business up to a well-known level, that we never imagine or expected to live this COVID19 experience and see how we need to start all over again.

Located outside of Boston but still want to support Villa Mexico Cafe? Check out their website and buy a virtual burrito/donate!

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