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483 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

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✓ Handmade Gifts (wide array)
✓ Products from local artists
​✓ Virtual Classes
​✓ DIY Kits

About Us

Who are we? Rebecca, Emily, Sarah and Rachel :) We are 4 sisters that grew up in the area. We all love spreading positive vibes and helping others smile. We want to promote the concept of happy mind, healthy body. We will be selling some hip products as well as local artists/crafters masterpieces! Also hoping for a smoothie bar! Spread the word, and help spread happiness.

Over 20,000 unique, handmade gifts by 215+ local artists and crafters (most of them are one of a kind so they aren't all on our website)! Anything that's on our social media pages can be purchased. Come support a local business and local artisans!

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