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Abroad Modern

260 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA

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✓ Kitchen & Bath
​✓ Decor & Lifestyle
​✓ Online Ordering & Shipping
​✓ Kids

"Modern utility sourced globally."

About Us

During Greer Goodman’s first trip to India she met Sajid Hussain, a rickshaw driver who quickly became a dear friend as he showed her around Udaipur. A few months later, Sajid’s old rickshaw broke down beyond repair. Greer quickly started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to replace the rickshaw, but she also realized that she could create a business, source the utilitarian objects from India that she loved, and employ Sajid as a buyer! “I started this business to help others, to partner with people around the globe and make space for a cultural awareness that will hopefully, in tiny but meaningful ways, make the world smaller and better” says Greer.

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