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All She Wrote Books

451 Artisan Way, Somerville, MA 02145

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✓ Underrepresented authors
​✓ All-genres
​✓ In-store browsing appointments
​✓ Curbside pickup​
​✓ Online ordering

"An intersectional feminist/queer bookstore that celebrates and amplifies underrepresented voices"

About Us

All She Wrote Books is an intersectional, inclusive feminist and queer bookstore that supports, celebrates, and amplifies underrepresented voices through our thoughtfully curated selection of books spanning across all genres. Christina Pascucci Ciampa is the founder/owner of All She Wrote Books. As a survivor of domestic abuse, she went digging for stories that she could relate to, and found that they were out there—but they tended to get less shelf space and be shortchanged by publishers and book reviewers. Being an avid reader, she often felt unrepresented by bookshelves and online recommendations showcasing what was already popular.

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