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Crane and Turtle

1 Bow Market Way, Somerville, MA 02143

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✓ Kitchenware
​✓ Self-care products
​✓ Cleaning supplies
​✓ Tea​
​✓ Art

"Beautiful, Practical, Sustainable"

About Us

We at Crane&Turtle, select and sell items that we deem well-designed and well-made, including but not limited to “Dento Kogei” items. The word Dento Kogei means refined artisanal arts and crafts from Japan. We handpick items that complement the modern lifestyle, true to practicality, usability, and sustainability. We hope that our items get cherished. Our vision is to foster an alternative to the over-consuming, easy-disposing patterns that damage our environment. We think one of the places for making an impact is in the production process itself. This includes reintroducing traditional, sustainable materials and refined techniques, grounded in the wisdom of the old world. As mass production and over consumption go hand in hand, we believe people can make an impact by choosing to purchase carefully, use longer and consume less.

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