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Hippy Pilgrim

32 Forest Street Plympton, MA

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✓ Raw Garlic Salts
​✓ Sugar Scrubs
​✓ Specialty Seasonings
​✓Farm Stand & Online Ordering

"Raw garlic salts handmade in MA"

About Us

Susannah Locketti, the founder of Hippy Pilgrim, had been working in the food industry long before starting her own business. She used to make her own garlic salt, gifting it to friends and family, and after years of requests for refills, she launched Hippy Pilgrim. What makes their garlic salt special is that it is made by hand in small custom batches for maximum freshness using locally sourced ingredients which supports farmers and growers in the community. “Lousy cooks are our best customers because all they need is our garlic salt to be a hero in the kitchen. Local chefs also rave about our salt for its versatility and depth of flavor. Hippy Pilgrim is also a strong supporter of charitable organizations including DOVE and Relay for Life, We feel strongly about giving back to our local community.”

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