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Just Soap

1079 Hawley Rd. Ashfield, MA

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✓ Soap
​✓ Shampoo Bars
​✓ Lip Balm
​✓ Organic Salves

"The pedal-powered natural soap"

About Us

Just Soap is a hand-crafted, all natural soap - blended by bicycle! Why the bicycle? Traditional soap making demands hours of stirring! So founder Frederick Breeden - a biking enthusiast and environmentalist - had plenty of time to dream up a more efficient and eco-friendly method of mixing the soap. He shared his vision with a bicycle builder, and the result is a one-of-a-kind bicycle-powered soap blender. In addition to using pedal power to mix the soap, Just Soap installed PV Panels on the Soap Shop in 2014 and has been generating much of it energy usage from the system.

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