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Kitchen Outfitters

342 Great Rd # 1A, Acton, MA

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✓ Kitchenware
​✓ Cooking Tools
​✓ Cook Books
​✓ Cooking Classes
​✓ Knife Sharpening

"Equipping cooks of every level— from first-time water-boilers to professional chefs"

About Us

Our customers are caterers, restaurant cooks, bakers, and bartenders. Just as important, they are couples and families that cook and bake together. Food TV fans of Chef’s Table, Alton Brown, and The Great British Baking Show come in search of equipment used on the latest episode. We also work with kids on school projects as well as novice party planners on the hunt for cake and cookie decorating supplies. So, whether you’re on a tight budget to outfit your first kitchen or binging on your best friend’s bridal shower, our warm and welcoming staff is here to guide you. Our talented team has the knowledge, experience and determination to address the cooking needs of everyone coming in the door. Some of us have an artistic eye for display, some enjoy detailed product or cookbook research and some are meticulous with inventory management... With this diverse team we quickly doubled, and then tripled the store size to bring even more tempting products to our growing customer base. When you shop our store, you’ll find an abundance of supplies to keep your kitchen running smoothly, including essential pieces like quality cookware by ScanPan and Mauviel; knives by Wusthof and Global, and quirky items you don’t even know you need. We all share the delight of discovering unusual and hard-to-find items... Chestnut knives, angel food cake knives, single measuring spoons, adjustable cake rings and squares, potato nails, French string bean cutters... surprises abound! At Kitchen Outfitters, we also love to teach. Check out the schedule for our popular classes and events; learn how to make fresh pasta, decorate cakes, or join us to sample recipes and get technical tips at our monthly demos or special events. You’ll certainly enjoy greater satisfaction by visiting our Acton, MA store than by clicking an impersonal “Add to Cart” button. In fact, you’ll feel right at home. Come by soon and come by often.

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