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179 Main St Northampton, MA

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✓ Ceramics
​✓ Jewelry
​✓ Home Goods
​✓Curbside Pickup & Online Shopping

"Sweet, Clever, Odd & Beautiful"

About Us

Pinch is a beautiful and fun artisan gallery that was founded as Pinch Pottery in 1979 in Northampton, Massachusetts. The three founding potters—Leslie Ferrin, Mara Superior, and Barbara Walch, all of whom continue to work as potters today—were recent graduates from the University of Massachusetts seeking a place where they could make pottery, teach classes, and showcase the work they and others created. Pinch Pottery first opened its doors in the basement of Thorne’s Marketplace.  The gallery moved to its current location at 179 Main Street in 1987. As it was no longer a place where pots were made—i.e., a pottery—the name was shortened to Pinch. Pinch proudly continues to be a great place to find handmade ceramics! We also carry wall art, women's clothing and accessories (handbags, scarves, watches, etc.), jewelry, and home goods. We represent dozens of local artists and many more from across the United States. We buy things that I think are cool or interesting or odd or beautiful. I’m attracted to fresh ideas, unexpected color combinations, strange things, subtle and lovely objects. Choosing from the various styles and mediums I encounter in the world, I carefully curate a mix of goods that are displayed in cohesive vignettes throughout the shop. A former co-worker and now one of my best friends, Joyce Rosenfeld, says that the attention given and respect paid to the artists we carry is part of what makes Pinch such a wonderful place.

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