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Polka Dog Bakery

South End, Chestnut Hill, Hingham, Jamaica Plain, Lynnfield, North End, Seaport

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✓ Homemade Treats
✓ Pet toys, food, supplies
✓ Online delivery and orders

"Peace, Love & Polka"

About Us

Polkadog started as a tiny corner neighborhood pet shop in the South End of Boston in the winter of 2002. We were making dog treats, every day and every night. Well, time has flown by, and quite a bit has changed since then: we've opened 7 additional Polkadog Bakery retail stores, started shipping food and toys and our own gourmet treats across the globe, even launched a successful wholesale business and a local home delivery service. You might say we’ve grown up some, spread our wings a bit. But we’ve never left behind or forgotten our underdog roots or the wonderfully supportive and inclusive neighborhood of Boston that took us under their wing and stood by us every step of the way.

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