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Quite Fetching Barkery

1 Grafton Common, Grafton, MA

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✓ Custom Cakes
​✓ Homemade Pet Treats
​✓ Pet Apparel
​✓ Squirrelgrams

"We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful fur baby soon!"

About Us

Our mission is to provide a fun and inviting environment for a community to gather, shop and talk all things dog.  Our dog treats are made by hand with just a few fresh, human grade ingredients and a lot of love.  Our journey to Quite Fetching began after the passing of our beloved dog Rags. The loss of Rags was devastating to our family and to honor his memory we started a small organization called Road Trips for Rags (RTFR). Always looking for creative ways to fundraise for RTFR we created a bake sale with Flower’s favorite cookie (hence the name of her soon to be famous cookie).  Sharing these healthy homemade snacks made us happy, and we decided to see what it took to open a barkery.

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