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Sunrise Gift Shop

246 Main St, North Reading, MA

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✓ Sunrise Soapery Products
​✓ Home Decor
​✓ Jewelry & Accessories
​✓ Packaged Foods & Sweets

"Unique gifts, local handmade, home decor, & more!"

About Us

A few years ago Sunrise Gift Shop’s owner, Paul, hated his job and the only thing getting him through the day was watching a beautiful sunrise. Paul started making soaps as a hobby and was instantly hooked; he quickly began experimenting recipes and created the Sunrise Soapery brand. One of Paul’s lifelong dreams was to own a gift shop, and after his success with soap and skincare, he expanded to the Sunrise Gift Shop. Today, Sunrise Gift Shop carries its exclusive line of soap, bath and body products, drink wear, jewelry, home decor, accessories, and so much more!

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