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Tafari Wraps

63 Melcher St, Boston, MA

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✓ Luxury headwraps & accessories
​✓ Health & Wellness
​✓ Consultations
​✓ Workshops

"Headwraps are more than a piece of fabric."

About Us

Tafari Wraps, a subsidiary of House of Tafari Collection, was reimagined in 2017 after being founded in 2006. Tafari Wraps offers luxury accessories and headwraps, a non-invasive beauty solution, and educational programming; Creating Textiles with Adinkra Symbols and The Art & Fashion of African Head Wrapping. Our hands-on programs and products uplift the spirit while restoring dignity. In response to COVID, we are offering all programming digitally, accommodating groups of 20-25. Our head wrap consultations are also being offered via Zoom, an ideal one-on-one session for the hairless thriver looking for non-invasive cranial prosthesis. We continue to offer our products on our website

Covid Struggle:
Due to COVID, we were/are unable to participate in events where we would have vended, our main source of revenue.

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