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Salt & Shimmer Artistry

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Owner: Rachele

Product in box: Resin beach waves coaster


Growing up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, artist Rachele Milordi’s love for the ocean began at a young age. While attending The University of Rhode Island pursing a degree in nursing, Rachele’s love for the ocean deepened. Living just blocks away from the ocean in Narragansett and Newport, RI, Rachele still draws inspiration from her “beach breaks” between classes for all of her pieces.


After graduating in 2015, Rachele pursued a career in nursing. While she loved her patients, Rachele often felt a need to express her creative side although it wasn’t until spring of 2019 where she discovered the wonderful world of resin. She’s been hooked ever since, so much so that she has left her job in nursing to pursue a dream of owning her own business.


After several months of honing her craft through continued practice and experimentation with different materials, surfaces, and techniques, she was finally ready to pursue the dream and become a full-time resin artist. Each purchase not only supports that dream but a portion of each purchase is donated to local, Massachusetts-based non-profits..

Hippy Pilgrim

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Owner: Susannah

Product in box: Original Garlic Salt

Susannah Locketti, the founder of Hippy Pilgrim, had been working in the food industry long before starting her own business. She used to make her own garlic salt, gifting it to friends and family, and after years of requests for refills, she launched Hippy Pilgrim.


What makes their garlic salt special is that it is made by hand in small custom batches for maximum freshness using locally sourced ingredients which supports farmers and growers in the community. “Lousy cooks are our best customers because all they need is our garlic salt to be a hero in the kitchen. Local chefs also rave about our salt for its versatility and depth of flavor.


Hippy Pilgrim is also a strong supporter of charitable organizations including DOVE and Relay for Life, We feel strongly about giving back to our local community.”

The Bubbly Bunny

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Owner: Jen

Product in box: Sea Glass Beach Soap

My name is Jen Toro and I am the soapy creator here at The Bubbly Bunny. I've always dreamt of creating a special oasis in which anyone can feel cared for and loved. I thought of a peaceful coffee shop with comfy chairs and yummy pastries or a personal blog to motivate people through life. In search of that "thing", I discovered soaping.  


The Bubbly Bunny is my oasis which I thankfully get to share with all of you. My goal is to create products to give you a special moment, a safe space in which you can enjoy a few minutes of bliss while enjoying a fun bubble bath. I hope you feel cared for and loved every time you use our products.  


At The Bubbly Bunny, each product is handmade in small batches and is always handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment is to make luxury products that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth every time.


Hillside Harvest

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Owner: Kamaal

Product in box: Sun Kissed Tomato Hot Sauce

Born in Cypress Hall, a small town high atop the Red Hills of Kingston, Jamaica, Kamaal Jarrett, the Founder of Hillside Harvest, was taught to appreciate the simple things in life. Later, when his parents were deciding where in the United States to establish roots, they settled on Milton, Massachusetts, a small town nestled between Boston and the Great Blue Hill mountain range.


Growing-up, Kamaal showed an inherent love for food; watching endless hours of PBS cooking shows and spending the summer hours with his Aunt Elaine in her Egleston Square bakery and Caribbean  restaurant. As his passion for food grew, so did Kamaal’s appreciation for the two cultures that raised him. Exposing his family to traditional American dishes or cooking authentic Jamaican dishes for his friends became a normal routine. 


Today, we at Hillside Harvest strive to continue the tradition of introducing people to unique flavors and recipes. Our products are handcrafted. We aim to develop dynamic flavors through simple ingredients and provide you with premium sauces that enhance every dish and inspire you to share with those closest to you.

Jammed With Love

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Owner: Christine

Product in box: Boston Bar Fight jam

Located in Plympton, MA, Jammed with Love has an awesome farm stand featuring their specialty homemade jelly, jam and condiments. As an entrepreneur and hard working mom of 2, Christine takes great pride and care in every single of of her small batch hand crafted spreads- often coming up with unique ideas for different flavors!

Not sure how to use her tasty jams? Christine provides "Ideas & Inspirations" on her website to give you a head start! Everything from top creamy desserts to grilled meats. Her jams are certainly made with love and inspire a world of possibilities in the kitchen!

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Gifts that Give Back

A portion of all sales go back to small businesses in the community